Exercising using the GYROTONIC® Method during pregnancy provides the perfect system of support for the prenatal or postpartum woman by relieving lower back strain, fatigue and constipation.

Pregnant women may experience increased blood circulation and oxygen to the body, and improved stamina for the birthing process. Using the GYROTONIC® Method is the ideal way for mothers to prepare the body and mind, and having a strong pelvic floor assists childbirth.


The Gyrotonic trainer's goal is to provide physical awareness, balance, comfort and strength throughout this deeply transformative phase in a woman's life.

The exercises are gentle enough to continue right up until the due date, alleviating varicose veins, incontinence and leg swelling. Postpartum women may recover abdominal strength and toning more rapidly, relieve upper body tension from carrying the baby, and quickly regain strength and energy.

The large circular movements, traction supplied by the weights, and the natural wave motions are very well suited for the ever-changing pregnant body.

The goal in mind - a beautiful pregnancy, a fabulous delivery, and a healthy, supported transition into motherhood.


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